Chapter 03 - Introduction to Arduino

In Chapter 3 we will begin working with our Arduinos. This will include beginning to learn the basics of programming. We will cover an overview of the Arduino programming interface, basic program structure, how to use a prototyping board to build temporary circuits, and write our first programs.

Work through the following:

  1. Introduction to Arduino IDE
  2. Blink - Introduction to Arduino
  3. Take Chapter 3 Quiz in Schoology
  4. Breadboard - Introduction to Arduino
Chapter 3 Assignments:
  • Assignment 3.1 - Attach at least 5 LEDs to your Arduino, each to a separate pin. Light them up one after another in sequence. As one LED turns off the next should turn on. There should always be one LED lit at all times. Submit in Schoology
  • Assignment 3.2 - Attach at least 5 LEDs to your Arduino, each to a separate pin. Flash them all together. All on and then all off simultaneously. Submit in Schoology



Breadboard Use: I can wire my breadborad so that I have power going to the rails from the Arduino board.


LED Use: I can wire an LED to my Arduino using my breadboard with an appropriate resistor.


Arduino Use: I can successfully upload programs to my Arduino, including selecting the proper board and port.


pinMode: I can use pinMode to set pins as outputs.


Blink 1: I can write a program to blink an LED on and off using any pin specified.


Blink 2: I can write a program to vary the flash rate of a blinking LED.


Blink 3: I can write a program to blink multiple LEDs, both independently and simultaneously.


I can create, use, and explain variables.