Chapter 06 - Digital Input

So far we've only received data from our Arduino. This has take the form of the state of an LED (on or off) or information communicated via the Serial Monitor. In this chapter we will interact directly with our Arduino using a push-button.

Be sure to complete the assignment at the end of "Counting Presses".

Work through the following:

  1. Digital Input Tutorial
  2. Toggle on and off
  3. Counting Presses
  4. Debugging with Serial Monitor



I can wire a pushbutton with my Arduino


I can program an Arduino to read the state of a pushbutton and cause the program to respond when the button is pushed


I can program an Arduino to read the state of a pushbutton only when the state changes, such as when it is first pressed or released


I can program an Arduino to keep track of the state of the program and toggle that state when pushbutton is pressed.


I can use Serial Monitor for Debugging a program or circuit