Chapter 08 - Arduino and Fading LEDs

  1. Introduction to Fading LEDs: Work through Analog Write Lesson
    1. In your notebook be sure to write descriptions of the new code in your own words
  2. Check out this alternative version.
    1. What's the same between the two lessons?
    2. What's different?
    3. New Code? Write descriptions in your own words.
  3. Additional Tasks
    1. Change the rate the LED Fades
    2. Fade multiple LEDs
    3. Make the fading respond to a push button - Make the LED fade up to full and stay on when the button is pressed and fade down to nothing and stay off when not pressed.
  4. Sequencing your Fading LEDs - Building Better Cylons
    1. What the Heck is an Array?
    2. Sequence Fading LEDs


I can identify the pins that will work with analogWrite


I can use analogWrite to control the brightness of an LED


I can use an IF, FOR, or WHILE loop to fade in and out an LED


I can use an Array to sequence only the fading LEDs